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Are you faced with any of the following challenges?

Over time these concerns can lead to much bigger problems – like continued disruptive and dangerous conduct at school, or perhaps they won’t not grow or maturing as quickly as their peers … or the worst of all, they could miss the opportunity to live up to their true potential!

Do you ever sleep at night, worrying about your children? Do you ever worry about whether or not they will do well in the rest of his life?

Have you tried getting your child involved in other activities, unsuccessfully – like gymnastics, soccer, softball, or baseball? Are team sports just not their thing?

If so, I have great news for you: Many, many parents have come through our programs only to find out that our martial arts program is just what their child needed.

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Why Our Programs Are So Effective ?

Because we don’t just demonstrate simple martial arts moves. We don’t just help your children work toward the renowned black belt in karate. We developing your child’s character and building a strong foundation for life!

Here at Super Kicks, your child will be encouraged to progress at his or her own pace and he will get the close attention that he deserves (The much needed attention that is nearly impossible to find in other sports!).

My name is Sam Wegert, and I’m your family’s future martial arts instructor. Since 2006, my team has impacted over 1,500 students throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Our martial arts school, Super Kicks Karate, has grown to become one of the top martial arts schools in the country, as it received the “School of the Year” Award from the American Freestyle Karate Association. I have also received “Instructor of the Year” from them as well.

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Here’s are some of the core elements we have developed in making Super Kicks Karate the best place to build your child’s stout bodies, sound character and strong mind

  1. The Motivation to Achieve More Than They Ever Thought Possible

    Your child will learn how to conquer his self-imposed limitations and learn how to persevere to achieve his goals, even during challenging circumstances. A large percentage of our students start at the very bottom and work their way up to karate black belts, winning challenging martial arts tournaments!
    This confidence often encourages our students to achieve more than they ever thought possible, not just in martial arts but in their whole life!

  2. The Power to Defend Himself (and Potentially Save Someone’s Life!)

    Your child will be taught how to defend himself when threatened by a bully. Many bullies exist in today’s schools – on the playground, in downtown areas and even out in public.

    We’ll show your child simple words and movements that frequently stop bullies dead in their tracks. Many students have used these skills in the real world, and even used them to save lives!

  3. The Respect of Peers and Friends Both in School, At Home & In the Community

    Is your child shy, seemingly disinterested in other people? If so, Super Kicks Karate will teach your child learn how to properly shake someone’s hand, look at someone in the eye & stand up for what is right, in spite of peer pressure.

    Our students will learn the respect it takes to carry on a conversation with anyone they meet. We’ve seen some unbelievable transformations!

  4. The Ability to Stay On Task

    We see it all the time. Some young children have endless energy, but they don’t know how to focus that energy productively. They tend to jump from one task to another and often experience difficulty getting things done well.

    Children with this issue get distracted easily, have difficulty understanding what their teachers are saying and they can also have difficulty completing homework assignments. As a result, their academic performance suffers.

    Through our program, your child will learn how to focus on one thing for extended periods of time. This skill often leads to greatly improved performance at school and an ability to ignore distractions (like video games, the Internet & TV). Wouldn’t that be nice?

  5. The Patience to Stop Their Nagging and to Complete Their Chores

    Do you find that you are continually nagging your child to do simple chores – like putting his clothes away, making his bead and cleaning up after himself?

    Our program is designed to help your child learn how to follow directions, do things promptly when asked and to respect authority.

    In fact, many parents with kids in the Super Kicks Family tell us that they just can’t believe how their once poorly behaved child is now obedient and respectful, all the time! You can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

  6. The Challenge to Perform at their Best at ALL Times

    At Super Kicks Karate, your child will be challenged to do the best they can at all times. You kids will learn how to persevere, even when times get difficult. They will learn the importance of going the extra mile. They will also learn to become more comfortable stepping outside their comfort zone.

    And this is just the beginning!

“Our programs are so much fun, your child will be eager to come back the next week!’’

The Fun Sport Children Can’t Wait to Attend

We teach a lot of serious things in our classes but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun! Our classes are the kind of super – exciting, high-energy environment that makes your kids eager for the next opportunity to attend. Your children will have so much fun every single week; they will hardly be able to wait to come back the next!

The Sport That Builds a Strong Foundation for a Lifetime

Your child will make new friends, the kind of friends that last a lifetime. Our program helps your children build character and equips them to become powerful, confident, strong leaders, respected by other teachers, students and nearly everyone they come in contact with.

The Impact that Super Kicks Karate Has on Kids

We could go on & on about how Super Kicks Karate has transformed the lives of our students. We have seen parents of students with Attention Deficit Disorder watch in amazement as their child develops the ability to focus for long periods of time. Other parents have seen their kids go from being extremely shy, not being able to talk to strangers to the ability to look at someone in the eye & carry on a conversation with practically anyone!

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Look at what other parents & students are saying about our programs

       “Over four years ago I enrolled my son in martial arts classes at Superkicks Karate. He had a hard time focusing in school and listening at home, and the difference I saw in my son over the next weeks, months, and years has been dramatic. His attention span easily doubled, and not just at karate, but at home and school as well, his confidence increased and he was far less shy meeting new people… he even began to seek out opportunities to lead, rather than just be a follower…and not just at karate, but at school and with his friends. He has become the influencer, instead of the influenced. He is incredibly polite and respectful, focused, and confident. and that has all been heavily encouraged and enforced by Superkicks and his instructor Mr. Sam Wegert” - Rachel Alley
       From the moment we walked in you offered kindness and an energy and magnetism that sparked my kids and that spark just gets brighter and brighter. From that point forward it’s all been choices made with the goal of something better for my family as the driving force. With a kind word or head nod from you the kids are transformed and strive to be the best that they can be.
You’ve given us so many gifts but one I really hadn’t planned on was the gift of family time and a feeling of belonging to something that will positively influence us forever. Thank you Mr. Wegert, for who you are and everything you do! - The Castro’s
        I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and I honestly believe I learned more working with you than I did in four years of college. - Nicole Brown (instructor trainee and mother of two students)
       Mr. Sam Wegert has truly made a difference in all of our lives. I have seen my son go from being this shy kid who would never talk to or look directly at anyone, to this young man who can now look anyone in the eye, with a smile and actually carry on a conversation. Mr. Wegert has been such an inspiration to my family. His attitude and commitment to what he does makes him a true black belt leader. - Kema Williams (family of 5)
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