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Discover How to Protect yourself In Seconds Using the Same Secrets That the Israeli Military, FBI, Top Police Officers Use

Now, you can gain a Potentially Life-Saving Advantage Over Any Attacker, Regardless of Your Skill Level, Lack of Prior Martial Arts Training, Body Weight or Speed!

Would you have the ability to defend yourself if your personal belongings were being snatched, someone attempted to kidnap your child, your house was being robbed, or someone unexpectedly involved you in a physical fight or dangerous confrontation?

In these extremely threatening situations, you only have seconds to act in order to defend yourself and possibly save your life. Without the necessary skills and training, you may become a victim.

You can increase the likely hood of protecting yourself by learning self defense.

If you are one of the many that understands how important it is to protect yourself and those you love or just want to get into the best shape of your life then our Charlotte Krav Maga / Self Defense program is your solution! It is a unique martial arts program that teaches you just how to identify potential threats, evacuate the danger zone, and counter attack if necessary. This battle-tested program is based on the exact moves, techniques and mindsets used by the Israeli military, CIA, FBI and many law enforcement agencies.

Best of all, it’s designed for people that don’t have countless hours to master “special moves”!

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When you enroll in our Charlotte Krav Maga / Self Defense program, you can:

  1. Feel Safe Again – you’ll have the skills and confidence to defend yourself in any fight, even when kicked to the ground, someone has a knife – or a thief tries to rob your house
  2. Discover how to spot and ward off the attacker – we’ll show you the “innocent questions” that attackers use and exactly how to respond, so they will back down
  3. Avoid dangerous situations – develop the confidence to avoid dangerous situations by raising your awareness and developing the proper mindset.
  4. You’ll get in amazing shape & have more energy – unlike working out on the treadmill for hours at a time, our classes are never boring. Once you come in, we think you’ll instantly be hooked!


Krav Maga is different than other martial arts styles because the moves are easy to learn, regardless of your skill level.  This is a real life self defense based program that will be taught very safely.

After you enroll in Krav Maga and master the moves, you will have the confidence to defend yourself in any situation. All strikes are targeted to vulnerable parts of the body such as eyes, ears, nose, throat, groin, and spine.

It’s  easy to learn, regardless of your physical condition or skill level!

So, why should you enroll at Super Kicks Karate in Charlotte, NC?


Super Kicks Karate is one of the leading martial arts schools in the Charlotte area.  We have impacted over 1,500 students since our program started.  Our instructors have years of combined experience in many different forms of martial arts and are some of the most dedicated, caring and successful instructors you will ever find.

Because of high demand, our classes often fill up quickly!

Contact us today for your free month of Krav Maga Classes and see firsthand why our classes are such a big hit!


Call 434-973-0855 for a Free 30-Day Membership Request a Free 30-Day Membership

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if i'm not in great shape?
Is it safe?
How is this different than the self-defense classes that are offered at my local YMCA?
What if I decide not to continue after my free 30-day membership?
What if I've never taken a martial arts class before?
Why is it important for me to defend myself?

Click on the link below for a free 30 day membership to our academy.

We will contact you to schedule your first trial class. We will then get to prove to you that this is one of the best ways to stay physically fit and learn to defend yourself and those you love.


Call 434-973-0855 for a Free 30-Day Membership
Request a Free 30-Day Membership

Super Kicks is rebranding as Up Level Martial Arts and building its new site. Use this site to get in touch with us. Also, all schools are open & fully operating.