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Modern life can get very stressful! Especially when faced with the challenge of demanding work schedules, the challenge of raising kids and taking care of yourself at the same time!

Are you faced with any of the following challenges?

The responsibilities of adulthood can seem never-ending sometimes.  It’s easy to ignore your own well-being as you juggle all of your responsibilities.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At Super Kicks Karate, you’ll get a great weekly workout, lose weight, and increase your energy, develop stronger muscles and more flexibility.

My name is Sam Wegert, and I’m your family’s future martial arts instructor. Since 2006, my team has impacted over 1,500 students throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Our martial arts school, Super Kicks Karate, has grown to become one of the top martial arts schools in the country, as it received the “School of the Year” Award from the American Freestyle Karate Association.

Super Kicks is a great place for you to bring your kids! Many adults who enroll in our programs also exercise with their youngsters because it’s so much fun! Many of the things that you will learn in our martial arts programs carry over to the rest of your week. You’ll learn how to defend yourself in life-threatening situations — many adults in our programs experience less stress on the job, more energy to keep up with their kids and an amazing sense of confidence to handle whatever challenges life brings. Also, many students often say that karate one of the most fun workouts they have ever done!

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Why is our martial arts program so effective?

We don’t just teach you basic martial arts moves or help you win tournaments. We’re also not just here to help you get a great workout! If all you’re looking to do is get in shape, then we recommend that you head over to the local gym or become a part of your local recreation center or YMCA.

If, however, you’re looking to develop unshakable confidence and the tools that you need to handle anything life throws at you, then our programs will be the perfect fit for you!

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Here’s how Super Kicks Karate can help you. Super Kicks gives each adult student:

  1. The Motivation & Confidence to Achieve More Than You Thought Possible

    Many adults get overwhelmed by all the demands of life – stressful jobs, kids to raise and the pressure to juggle it all successfully. Here at Super Kicks, we’ll show you how to set challenging but achievable goals and develop the confidence and the motivation to achieve those goals, even when times get tough.

  2. The Power to Defend Yourself (and Potentially Save Someone’s Life!)

    Do you often worry that you might not be able to survive if your life was in danger?

    If your family was being attacked?

    Our martial arts programs will teach you how to protect yourself & your loved ones in life-threatening situations, and potentially even save someone’s life! We’ll even show you some simple words and catchphrases that frequently cause attackers to actually back down.

  3. More Respect in Your Neighborhood, Community & Workplace

    Do you often feel overwhelmed by “peer pressure” at work?

    Super Kicks Karate will help you and your family practice how to stand up for what is right, rather than just following the crowd.

  4. Encouragement and Practice Giving Your Best at ALL Times

    In today’s highly competitive, fast-paced work environments, sometimes it can be difficult to focus on what’s really important.

    Super Kicks Karate will help you learn the art of focus. Through repeated practice of tackling one task at a time, this skill will carry over into your daily life — heightening your ability to get more done in less time & reduce stress and anxiety in your workplace and at home.

    You’ll also find that everyday tasks get much easier. Not to mention increased energy to keep up with your kids!

  5. Encouragement and Practice Giving Your Best at ALL Times

    At Super Kicks Karate, we don’t just settle for “good enough.” All of our students, from youngsters to teenagers to adults, are encouraged to do their absolute best every time and to persevere when the going gets rough.

    And much more!

Our programs are so much fun that countless families say they can’t wait to come back next week!

Karate Is a Sport Countless Adults Can’t Wait to Attend Every Week

Because our classes are in a super-fun, high-energy environment, many of our adults say it’s one of the most fun and energizing workouts they’ve ever had!

Karate is a Sport That Helps You Live a Successful & Meaningful Life

Many of our adults that join Super Kicks Karate develop the motivation to conquer whatever they set out to do. Whether their goal is to lose 20 or 40 pounds, get a promotion, or win their black belt, our students develop the motivation & drive to achieve more than they ever thought possible!

Stories of How Super Kicks Has Impacted Countless Students

We could go on & on about how Super Kicks Karate has transformed the lives of our students. We have seen parents of teens with Attention Deficit Disorder watch in amazement as their teen develops the ability to focus for long periods of time. Other parents have seen their teenager go from being extremely shy, not being able to talk to strangers to the ability to look at someone in the eye & carry on a conversation with practically anyone!

Some of our students have been able to jump in and save someone’s life when they were being attacked. We even had one lady conquer diabetes, even though her doctor said that it couldn’t be done! We’ve seen some amazing transformations!

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Look at what other adults are saying about our programs

        I met Mister Wegert back last February and he has completely helped change my life!!! He not only taught me karate but about goal setting, and leadership which has helped me to get into the best shape of my life and grow my business using the same principals. - Anonymous

Dear Mr. Wegert and Ms. Alley, The school you have created is a wonderful place where all age groups can come together and use their bodies and minds (and leave technology behind!) to grow as people. You are making a difference in the lives of these families.

I love that this is a place where all kids, adults and teens can come together and respect each other and learn from each other. Many teenagers blow off adults in our culture and it is wonderful to see the kind of intergenerational respect that is being fostered in your school.

I absolutely LOVE the intergenerational aspect of your school. There is no other organization that I know of where people are so “for others.” I am blessed to be a part of this journey and would like to thank you for your continued commitment. Your continued support really encourages me, especially when I am feeling particularly inept! As someone said this week, there will always be someone better than you.

I am proud to be a part of Super Kicks.

- (Mr. and Mrs. Hinton train with their two sons in our Black Belt Leadership Program)
       My husband and I started at Superkicks Karate just over a year ago, and we have loved every minute of it. We met Mr. Wegert at the Downtown mall where he asked us if we were interested in karate, and if we were, we were welcome to a month of free lessons. Signing up took about 5 minutes, and we have thoroughly enjoyed every class since our first free class. Not only was it a great workout–my husband lost a lot of weight–but it helped so much to relieve stress that we cancelled our Massage Envy membership so we could devote our time here. There is discipline and structure in all the classes, but there’s also a lot of fun to be had - Lavina P
       can’t say enough good things about Super Kicks. I joined over a year ago with my wife, and the experience has been nothing but positive. There is a sincere and honest focus on teaching in the class. Mr. Wegert and his staff are all excellent and strive to help their students (myself included) to meet goals and learn, both in class and out. When money was tight, they found a way. When we couldn’t make it to the scheduled classes because of work, they scheduled private classes and allowed us to participate in higher-rank classes so that we wouldn’t fall behind. I’ve learned a lot about myself, physically and mentally. I’ve lost a great deal of weight, and I’ve gained a great deal of insight. I recommend this place to anyone who’s in need of a workout and the motivation to keep at it, along with a friendly environment and knowledgeable instructors who are going to get you to push beyond your limits, since that’s precisely what I’ve found here. - Eric Backman
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Super Kicks is rebranding as Up Level Martial Arts and building its new site. Use this site to get in touch with us. Also, all schools are open & fully operating.