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Super Kicks Karate is a fun filled, high-energy karate academy that has impacted the lives of countless students and families in Virginia and North Carolina. With over 1,500 students passing through our doors since its inception, we are among Virginia & North Carolina’s most popular martial arts schools!

Our 2 locations (Charlottesville, VA and Charlotte, NC) are led by teams of highly experienced martial arts instructors. Our programs have been recognized nationally, as Super Kicks was named “School of the Year” by the American Freestyle Karate Association).  Also, we have some of the most passionate and the most caring instructors you will ever find.

At Super Kicks, it’s not just about Karate. Here, you will find instructors that absolutely love making a real difference in students’ lives. We believe in this art, and we believe in our programs. Why? Because we have seen it motivate and inspire countless students to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

We don’t just teach martial arts. We don’t just help you develop the physical skills to escape danger. We do so much more: We build character in our students, and character lasts for a lifetime.

Are you looking for more confidence? Are your kids shy or struggling with their grades? Meet our team of world-class instructors that have helped transform the lives of countless students!


Meet Our Master Instructor

Superkicks is a family-based business Sam Wegert started at age 15. Coming from a home school background, seven siblings, and dedicated parents going on 33 years of marriage, Sam is keenly aware of the intricacies of relationships, and the importance of close-knit families. His family background inspired him to infuse his business with the values of character, honesty, discipline, fun, and hard work – all invaluable in any thriving family or business community! He has now been an instructor for over 12 years.

After graduating high school at age 15, Sam dove headfirst into his first entrepreneurial and leadership venture by purchasing and operating Super Kicks Karate in Amherst, Va. He quickly became AFKA certified, becoming one of the youngest chief instructors in the United States. Over the next 3 years, he grew his school in Amherst to record numbers despite a town population of only 1,500. After seeing the success of his first school, he started a second school. It started very small – they met in a hotel – and in only 12 months, grew into one of the most successful martial arts schools in the country.

Sam enjoys almost any outdoor activity, including mountain biking, skiing, and backpacking. He has a passion for teaching and inspiring others to reach their full potential. He has had the privilege of teaching thousands of students in public and private schools across Virginia. He continues to grow his circle of influence, and has recently opened up black belt leadership schools in Charlotte, NC and Charlottesville, VA.

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Other Team Members

Miles Dyson
Chief Instructor, Ballantyne

Having grown up in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico and the USA, Miles Dyson brings more than just martial arts and leadership to the academy. In addition to strong teaching and mentorship skills, Miles Dyson earned his bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Liberty University and is ACSM certified as a fitness specialist. He has years of experience helping weight loss and fitness clients, working with patients in cardiac and pulmonary rehab, as well as training martial artists. He continues to train towards his second degree and compete in national tournaments as he encourages students and families to be the best Black Belt leaders they can be.


Tim Wegert
Chief Instructor, Charlottesville

Tim Wegert is a 4th degree black belt in American Freestyle Karate. He has been training in martial arts for over 10 years. He completed his instructor’s training and started teaching martial arts as a full time certified instructor at age 16. He competes on the national sport karate circuit, has over 15 national titles, and is currently working on winning a world title. He is passionate about teaching karate and the bennefits it provides. He is focused on creating a positive training environment where giving 100% is comfortable and expected, which creates an atmosphere breading confidence.

Abigail Wegert
Program Director, Ballantyne

Abigail Wegert has been training in martial arts for the past 7 years. One of her fondest memories is earning her black belt with two of her siblings and her dad under the instruction of her older brother. “After I started karate, I was hooked…there wasn’t anything else I ever wanted to do.” After graduating high school at 16, Abigail worked for a school in Amherst and Charlottesville VA, and now resides in Ballantyne, North Carolina as the program director. “I love what Super Kicks teaches. I’ve seen shy, disrespectful kids transform into confident children that can look adults in the eyes and say yes sir, and yes ma’am. The change is incredible and so rewarding.” Abigail continues to train and inspire students while working towards her fourth degree black belt. She enjoys other activities such as hiking, traveling, dancing, and spending time with her amazing family. “This is a career that I have committed to fo r life. I am so excited to see this company grow, change, and influence more and more people around the world. This is my life. This is my family.”

Rachel Dolan
Program Director, Charlottesville

“Karate must be in my blood…” Nearly every guy in my family either has a black belt, is an instructor, or has at least taken karate at some point in their life. I was first coerced into a karate class when I was 14 years old. I took a class along with my dad and my brother. I remember enjoying class, and looking back, it did improve my confidence. Fast forward a few years, and I am currently a second degree black belt in American Freestyle Karate. I am the program director and manager of a SuperKicks karate in Charlottesville Virginia. I am a staff trainer, a consultant for other martial art schools, and I am an enthusiastic advocate for life skill education and personal growth. Martial Arts is an ideal tool for educating students of all ages in these important subjects. Martial Arts and all it has taught me has truly changed my life. And it has changed my son’s life. I have seen firsthand what a powerful tool Martial Arts can be.

 Anne Clark
Office Manager, Ballantyne

After watching from the sidelines as her two young boys trained up through black belt, Anne Clark stepped onto the mat for the first time a year and a half ago, and has not looked back since. She immediately acquired a passion for martial arts and is currently enrolled in the SuperKicks Karate Certified Instructor Training program. Mrs. Clark firmly believes that is a powerful tool for changing lives, and has a long-term goal of bringing martial arts to everyone, regardless of age, body type, or income. Mrs. Clark is the office manager at the Ballantyne studio and events coordinator for that location. When not at the karate studio, you will find her at the gym or teaching yoga classes. Her other favorite activities include shopping, reading, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


Ms. Ecochard
Office Manager, Charlottesville

Ms Ecochard has been a student since April 2012 and will earn her first degree black belt in December of this year. She first became interested in SuperKicks and martial arts training when her grand daughter asked to take lessons. She passionately believes in the family program that SuperKicks offers and gives her all to assist those enrolled. Outside of the studio she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering with various ministries at her church, reading, sewing, and spending time in the outdoors.

Sam Tocci
Membership Coordinator, Charlottesville

Samuel Tocci is the 5th of 6 boys in his family, Home schooled till the age of 15 when he started classes at his local community college. At the age of 16 Sam began working at his local Food Lion grocery store and had moved up to supervisor by the time he was 17. Soon after moving to Charlottesville to work at Whole Foods and in the first year became a Training Specialist. This is where Sam found his passion, training and teaching others. In May of 2013 Sam approached Super Kicks Karate to see if it would be a good fit. It was and in September of 2013 Mr. Sam Tocci began working with Super Kicks as the Membership coordinator. It is in this role that he is able to follow his passion to share the benefits of Karate for children and adults.

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       The school you have created is a wonderful place where all age groups can come together and use their bodies and minds (and leave technology behind!) to grow as people. You are making a difference in the lives of these families…. this is a place where all kids, adults and teens can come together and respect each other and learn from each other. Many teenagers blow off adults in our culture and it is wonderful to see the kind of intergenerational respect that is being fostered in your school….I truly am enjoying the friendships I am forming through karate. I absolutely LOVE the intergenerational aspect of your school. There is no other organization that I know of where people are so “for others. - Mrs. Hinton
        I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and I honestly believe I learned more working with you than I did in four years of college. - Nicole Brown (instructor trainee and mother of two students)
       Mr. Sam Wegert has truly made a difference in all of our lives. I have seen my son go from being this shy kid who would never talk to or look directly at anyone, to this young man who can now look anyone in the eye, with a smile and actually carry on a conversation. Mr. Wegert has been such an inspiration to my family. His attitude and commitment to what he does makes him a true black belt leader. - Kema Williams (family of 5)
       At the same time I had just been diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t want anyone to know. I didn’t want to be defined by diabetes! So I decided that I was going to fight this disease. I came to every class knowing that I was one step closer to beating this disease. My blood sugar readings were dropping to almost normal ranges. I recently took the AC1 test. The first time I was at fourteen and now I am at 7.5. The diabetic nurse told me that I wouldn’t get below 10. - Caryl Higginbotham (instructor trainee yellow belt)

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