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About Super Kicks Karate

Super Kicks Karate is a fun filled, high-energy karate academy that has impacted the lives of over 1,500 students in Charlottesville, Virginia and Charlotte (Ballantyne), North Carolina. With over 1,500 students passing through our doors since its inception, we are among Virginia & North Carolina’s most popular martial arts schools!
Our 2 locations (Charlottesville, VA and Charlotte, NC) are led by some of the most caring and passionate instructors you will ever find. Our programs have been recognized nationally by the American Freestyle Karate Association, winning “School of the Year” honors. We don’t just teach martial arts.  We don’t just help you develop the physical skills to escape danger. We do so much more:  We build character in our students, and character lasts for a lifetime.


       The school you have created is a wonderful place where all age groups can come together and use their bodies and minds (and leave technology behind!) to grow as people. You are making a difference in the lives of these families…. this is a place where all kids, adults and teens can come together and respect each other and learn from each other. Many teenagers blow off adults in our culture and it is wonderful to see the kind of intergenerational respect that is being fostered in your school….I truly am enjoying the friendships I am forming through karate. I absolutely LOVE the intergenerational aspect of your school. There is no other organization that I know of where people are so “for others. - Mrs. Hinton
        I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and I honestly believe I learned more working with you than I did in four years of college. - Nicole Brown (instructor trainee and mother of two students)
       Mr. Sam Wegert has truly made a difference in all of our lives. I have seen my son go from being this shy kid who would never talk to or look directly at anyone, to this young man who can now look anyone in the eye, with a smile and actually carry on a conversation. Mr. Wegert has been such an inspiration to my family. His attitude and commitment to what he does makes him a true black belt leader. - Kema Williams (family of 5)
       At the same time I had just been diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t want anyone to know. I didn’t want to be defined by diabetes! So I decided that I was going to fight this disease. I came to every class knowing that I was one step closer to beating this disease. My blood sugar readings were dropping to almost normal ranges. I recently took the AC1 test. The first time I was at fourteen and now I am at 7.5. The diabetic nurse told me that I wouldn’t get below 10. - Caryl Higginbotham (instructor trainee yellow belt)

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Super Kicks is rebranding as Up Level Martial Arts and building its new site. Use this site to get in touch with us. Also, all schools are open & fully operating.